XXV международный фестиваль документальных фильмов
Новосибирск, 24 октября - 30 октября 2022 года
(Oct. 24 - Oct. 30 2022)


  • Русский
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XXV International Festival of Documentary Films “Meetings in Siberia”
October 24 - 30, 2022, Novosibirsk
DEADLINE : 25th August 2022

International Festival of Documentary Films “Meetings in Siberia” is held in Novosibirsk (Russia). The festival has prizes of honour (no money) for the best documentary feature film and for the best documentary short  film. International Festival of Documentary Films “Meetings in Siberia” has international student competition and prizes of honour (no money) for the best student film.
The main goal of the festival is to inform the Siberian audience about processes taking place in the world as well as to show the Siberian realities and to create conditions for fruitful and collaborative dialog of documentary filmmakers. The distinctive feature of the festival is communication, opportunity to create new projects on national and international levels. Seminars, workshops are part of “Meetings in Siberia”.
Unfortunately, the festival budget doesn’t allow paying travel expenses to participants. Only specially invited guests could be provided with travel tickets and a half board accommodation .The persons, wishing to participate in the Festival as visitors, should inform the organizers and discuss the conditions of participation not later than September 10th, 2022 .All the expenses dealing with participation in the Festival (travel, accommodation costs etc.) should be paid by the guests themselves. The Festival can provide the guests with meetings and seeing-off at the airport as well as the organizational help during the festival.


The date of production have to be 5 previous years.
Festival accepts only documentaries.
The films that are in open access in internet are not accepted.
For previous selection link for downloading is needed. Entre form is available on http://www.docfest.ru/podat-zayavky/

For screening:

DCP, BLU- RAY, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 (1920/1080)
As for length, festival prefers films no longer than 60 min, but exceptions are possible. Lists of dialogs in English and English subtitles are obligatory.


Ella Davletshina, General director of the festival Phone: +7 903 997 29 97 E-mail: meetings.in.siberia@gmail.com Ludmila Ivashina, International coordinator E-mail: l_ivashina@hotmail.com Maxim Lavrentev, technical director of the festival Phone: +7 913 945 66 09 E-mail: l_maxus@mail.ru E-mail address: meetings.in.siberia@gmail.com